Customer Tips

Working with a Contractor

Consider these important aspects when hiring a heating contractor.

Sizing your heating system should always include the help of a qualified heating contractor. A system that is too large can be wasteful and a system that is too small can’t provide proper comfort. A qualified heating contractor can help you estimate the heat-loss in your home by evaluating the insulation levels and the square footage of wall, roof and floor space exposed to the outside. Then, using the outdoor and desired indoor temperatures, they can calculate the appropriate capacity for your new heating system, measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units) per hour.

Contact several plumbing/heating contractors to inspect your home and offer an estimate. Reliable companies will send an estimator to provide a survey and provide a heat-loss calculation for your home. The contractor should also supply you with a written proposal clearly outlining the work to be done with the agreed-upon price, and many offer service after the installation is complete.