About GasNetworks

About GasNetworks

GasNetworks is a nationally recognized and award-winning collaborative of natural gas companies serving nearly 2 million residential, commercial and industrial customers throughout New England. It has been promoting energy efficiency and the use of high efficiency natural gas technologies since 1997.

GasNetworks is a unique energy efficiency collaborative that works with trade allies, customers and other stakeholders to promote energy efficient technologies, disseminate energy efficiency information, create common energy efficiency programs, educate consumers and promote contractor training and awareness of ever-changing natural gas technologies. GasNetworks has sponsored a number of evaluations and publications related to energy efficiency.


In 1997, GasNetworks began the process of developing Energy Efficiency Market Transformation programs. The original collaborative membership consisted of representatives from five Massachusetts gas utilities. It has since broadened its membership to include additional utilities throughout New England.

GasNetworks also provides first-rate training seminars to plumbers, HVAC professionals and tech school students; publishes a quarterly e-newsletter; maintains a contractor website; and provides consumer education, outreach and technical support in its efforts toward making the region more energy efficient by transforming markets.

Education and training relating to high efficiency equipment are extremely important mechanisms to achieve true market transformation – particularly among heating installation contractors. To date, GasNetworks has held over 70 contractor training seminars and has trained more than 7,000 HVAC professionals.

Our Mission

To work with our customers, stakeholders and industry professionals to promote energy efficient technologies; create common energy efficiency programs; educate consumers and promote contractor training and awareness of ever-changing natural gas technologies.

Our Commitment

To ensure that all of us — the utility companies, affiliated agencies, heating professionals and our customers — are part of this ‘network.’ GasNetworks invites all our customers and trade allies to rely on us as their natural gas technology experts, or simply put, their gas network.